Scheduling Process

Sherlock aims to provide one of the most flexible audit solutions in the space, starting with a simplified scheduling process. Once an initial assessment has been completed and a preliminary quote provided, the next steps include:

  1. Protocol puts down a deposit for 25% of the audit cost and indicates which date it would like the audit to begin - can be scheduled with at least 3 days' notice.

  2. Sherlock will then either:

    • Confirm the senior auditor and start date within 72 hours, or

    • Suggest an alternative start date, or

    • Request the protocol team select an alternative start date

Note: In the unlikely instance where Sherlock does not confirm the originally proposed start date, the protocol has the option to withdraw the full amount of their deposit.

Of course, the farther out a protocol schedules an audit, the higher the likelihood they generate maximum Watson participation and secure the highest-ranked senior Watson.

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