Interim Updates and Upgrades

Sherlock understands the desire and, at times, strategic importance to make smaller updates & rollouts to code ahead of larger monolithic V2/V3 rollouts. This is where Sherlock’s audit model excels above all others. By completing a full-protocol audit with Sherlock, we now have at minimum one senior Watson who has context of the entire system, and a running list of other auditors who performed best on the codebase. This breadth of coverage allows Sherlock to schedule cheap, short-term audits which will utilize the previous Lead Senior Watson (or other top performer(s)), alongside other participants, to review smaller, interim updates to the codebase before the next round of full system audits.

Sherlock has already implemented this system effectively with our current customers, ensuring that no new code goes to mainnet unaudited and enabling TVL coverage to extend to any exploits in the new contracts. Since Sherlock utilizes the original Lead Senior Watson, the cost is able to be priced directly based on the time that the auditor requires to look at the smaller changes. This is a unique value that Sherlock offers to help keep our protocols secure in a cost-effective manner, removing the need for protocols to enter into extremely expensive retainer contracts.

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