Sherlock V2

Rescheduling and Cancellations

Having a protocol on mainnet ourselves, Sherlock fully understands the challenges of knowing with 100% certainty that a code base will be fully ready by the original audit start date. As a result, Sherlock aims to offer one of the most transparent and flexible rescheduling and cancellation processes. While we will always attempt to seamlessly reschedule an audit, some guidelines are needed to encourage thoughtful scheduling on the part of protocol customers in order to create a positive experience for all Watsons, as the quality of any security review comes down to the quality of the participants. We’ve put together the following timelines to assist protocols with their scheduling plans.
Reschedule / Cancellation Timeline:
>14 days before audit start date → 100% deposit refund (no rescheduling costs)
7 - 14 days before audit start date → 50% deposit refund
<7 days before audit start date → 0% deposit refund