Criteria Changelog

All future changes to the Issue criteria page will be logged here.

1.5 - 29/01/2024

  • Historical decisions are no longer considered sources of truth. They may guide Watsons, but judgments should always be based on rules as they are and mistakes should not be repeated. Private messages are not sources of truth.

  • Added an exception to the hierarchy of truth for cases where blatant mistakes in a higher source of truth were made.

  • Specified opportunity loss and design choices to be out of scope.

  • Rephrased the "Future issues" rule to remove ambiguity.

  • Changed words in several places to ensure ease of understanding. Typo fixes.

1.4 - 10/11/2023

1.3 - 12/10/2023

  • Addition of CHANGELOG to the docs.

1.2 - 12/09/2023

  • Some minor changes in the judging criteria documentation structure

1.1 - 01/08/2023

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