Judging Tutorials

Here is a simple tutorial for taking part in a judging contest effectively. Please note that these are merely pointers for beginners and not mandatory steps. You can always follow your own steps when judging a contest.

Here are the steps that I follow when judging a contest.

Phase 1: Understand the protocol docs and protocol README

Understanding the README is a must before you start with the contest. Ideally, as a judge, you have either taken part in the audit contest or you have a decent understanding of how the protocol functions. Remember, before you start a contest you must have read the following:

  1. Contest README: This provides necessary context from the contest's perspective.

  2. Protocol README/DOCS: These help with understanding the fundamentals of a protocol.

Phase 2: Filtering out Obvious Low/Invalid/Informational

Please watch the video below where I do a quick walkthrough of filtering out some of the low/invalid issues.

Phase 3: Duplication

In the next video let us look at issue duplication. In future contests, you will be provided with AI de-duplicated issues. You still need to make sure the duplication is valid because the AI de-duplicated issues may not be 100% accurate. This video will help with the process.

Phase 4: (Coming Soon)

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