Sherlock V2
The Watsons are comprised of Sherlock's security and risk experts.
Sherlock is lucky to work with some of the top security experts in the blockchain space. Many of Sherlock's past and current security experts are at the top of the Code Arena leaderboard and others have worked at top blockchain audit firms.
The Watsons are an integral part of Sherlock because they do the difficult work of looking line-by-line at smart contracts to determine if there are potentially exploitable vulnerabilities. Watsons are highly encouraged to take a large part of their pay in SHER tokens, which unlock only after a protocol has been exploit-free on mainnet for 6 months. This means that Watsons have skin-in-the-game when assessing contracts and want protocols to succeed on mainnet.
As a staker, you can feel comfortable staking USDC into Sherlock because of the quality of Sherlock's security experts as well as their incentive alignment to avoid exploits.
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