Activate Cooldown
Because there is a 7-day waiting period before a staker can withdraw (i.e. unstake) their stake (lockToken i.e. lockUSDC) and owed interest (SherX), a staker must first call activateCooldown to start the timer on the 7-day waiting period. When the activateCooldown function is called, Sherlock mints the SherX a user is owed and deposits it in the SherX staker pool. This happens as a by-product of transferring the staker’s lockTokens back to Sherlock. The staker then receives lockSherX tokens. In a separate Solidity contract (to reduce complexity in the main contract), it is possible to immediately trigger an activateCooldown of the lockSherX in the same block as the activateCooldown of the original lockToken (lockETH, etc.). This allows a staker to receive their lockToken and their SherX interest on the same block when they call the unstake function. Because the method of delivery for SHER tokens is different during the guarded launch, the SHERX portion of this paragraph is not relevant.
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